Our philosophy

Challenges encountered by transitioning back into society can seem overwhelming. Housing is a crucial component of fundamental rehabilitative goals.  Resident colleagues advise one another about the sources to achievement and the downside of setbacks that may cause delay in ones desire to excel.  Most clients enjoy the treatment they receive from our associate organizations.  By cooperative effort, Offender Housing Management LLC is able to support our clients in meeting all of their treatment objectives.

Our commitment to results

Our residents are placed in specially selected homes that are pre-approved for Registered Sex Offenders. These residences comply with Florida Department of Law Enforcement guidelines and meet the criteria for sex offender regulations. Residents are monitored on a regular basis by the sheriff’s department and FDLE, and may be visited several times a week by a probation officer if we have a client in residence that is from the state of Florida on probation.

Our experience

Since 2009 Freddy Rodriguez has succeeded in mediating post-release solutions for offenders. As senior Re-Entry Specialist he has managed over twenty-five properties in his portfolio. In 2012 Offender Housing LLC was formed. Meeting the demanding need for re-entry, Offender Housing Management LLC is an industry leader in Central Florida.

Helping you reach your goals

Offender Housing Management LLC. coordinates with The Department of Correction's release officers,  probation and parole to facilitate approved housing, relocation, transfer and pick up.

Sheriff's office Registration and DMV are only a few of our many services available.

Offender Housing Management LLC is an official vendor for The Department of Corrections.